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Everyone loves a good story, and everyone wants to know ours. How did a microbiologist doing oral and cancer research, a research scientist working on degenerative diseases of the eye, and a former professional athlete and expert in handmade oriental rugs, join forces to develop a line of award winning healthy drinks that have the potential to reshape the world?

Simply this, we wanted a beverage that we could enjoy that didn't contain added ingredients that we didn't want to put in our bodies. We wanted something we could share and enjoy with friends. With that came more serious discussions, and soon we were making drinks that didn't just hydrate and taste good, but addressed issues that were problems we saw around us everyday: joint pain and arthritis, weight gain, diabetes, heart health, memory problems, high cholesterol and others. Those things aren't fun, but helping avoid them should be. We looked outward and saw global concerns and realized that it would be possible for us to make a difference.

For people who have the desire to create ways to help keep others healthy, this was like dry kindling to a fire, and soon we had a family of drinks ready to delight and refresh people who wanted something healthy in their lives.

At Hydro One our scientists have teamed with experts in the field of nutrition in response to your demand for better beverage choices. The result is our line of all-natural, low-calorie functional beverages.

A revolution has begun, one that is changing a culture once dominated by sugar-laden beverages and moving toward healthier choices to support healthy lifestyles. Hydro One beverages is at the forefront of this movement and we want you to start a revolution in your own life.

Healthy Lives

Our drinks are perfect for numerous conditions including heart disease, diabetes, joint & arthritis pains, memory & concentration improvement, and more!

Healthy Community

We will educate the community of a healthier choice in beverages as well as promote through fundraisers to support area clubs, teams and organizations.

Healthy Globe

As responsible global citizens, we will educate consumers that hydration &aamp; supplementation are critical factors in improving health management.

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I tried Bode for the first time. I simply love it!!! I’m in love with the taste, the texture, as well as, results! I am a VERY picky individual and I LOVE IT!!!

Destiny Williford

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