Soft Drinks For Lowering Cholesterol

Soft Drinks For Lowering Cholesterol

At Hydro One, one of our goals is to offer ideal soft drinks for lowering cholesterol. That’s why we created TRÜE Sugar Free Green Tea. TRÜE is made from all natural ingredients, and offers both great taste and numerous heart health benefits, including helping to lower cholesterol.

When you’re looking to keep your heart, mind and body healthy, it’s important to properly manage both your diet and lifestyle. Staying active, eating healthier, reducing blood sugars, and managing your weight and blood pressure are all great habits for a healthy heart.

In addition to regular exercise and eating healthy, it’s just as important to choose the right drinks too. Regular soft drinks are loaded with sugar and can damage your heart health, but diet soft drinks made with sugar substitutes can be unhealthy too. A recent study conducted by Hannah Gardener, Sc.D., epidemiologist in the Miller School’s Department of Neurology, showed that people who drink diet soft drinks on a regular basis are 43% more likely to suffer a vascular event than those who don’t drink any.

TRÜE Sugar-Free Green Tea was developed by scientists and is made from plant sterols and cognitive enhancer agents, all of which helps you lower your cholesterol, keep your heart healthy, boost your brain function, even manage your weight. Best of all, it tastes great! TRÜE can be served hot or cold, and it’s ideal for diabetics too.

If you’re looking for a great tasting, heart-healthy beverage, Hydro One’s TRÜE Sugar-Free Green Tea is just one of our specially created soft drinks for lowering cholesterol and other health benefits. 

Be sure to try our other healthy premium beverages too, including our specially designed drinks for diabetics. Enjoy heart healthy drinks that taste great from Hydro One!