Low Calorie, Low Sugar Sports Drinks

Low Calorie, Low Sugar Sports Drinks

If you’re going to take the trouble to exercise for your health, you should be able to enjoy low calorie, low sugar sports drinks after your workout. Keeping healthy through exercise takes commitment and effort. Your sports drink should not only taste great, but it should restore the nutrients you’ve lost, without negating your workout with the large number of calories found in many sports drinks. If you are diabetic especially, it’s a necessity to reduce your sugar intake.

The Department of Health and Human Services recently published their Physical Activity Guidelines. According to their findings, adults should engage in at least two and a half hours per week of moderate aerobic activity. Children should be engaged in physical activity for at least one hour a day. A naturally based sports drink can re-hydrate the body after such activity.

At Hydro One, it’s our mission to offer a healthier beverage. That’s why our BÖDE line of sports drinks are constructed with all-natural ingredients for healthier consumption. We offer low calorie, low sugar sports drinks that will restore electrolytes and carbs after your workout.

We offer several brands of sports drinks that are geared for people with health issues like diabetes and kidney disease among others. Diabetics in particular can try our REVd drinks, designed with the assistance of a professional athlete. REVd sugar free drinks contain purified cinnamon extract, making them taste great and still contain vitamins and nutrients you need.

Hydro One’s goal is to make great tasting beverages that help promote a healthier lifestyle. There’s no need for you to sacrifice great taste for great health…try our low sugar sports drinks today!