David D’Errico Becomes Hydro One Ambassador

David D’Errico

Hydro One Beverages is proud to announce the news: former soccer star David D’Errico becomes Hydro One Ambassador! D’Errico’s joining our team is a strong endorsement for both the health benefits and great taste of our sports and fitness drinks. Hydro One’s goal is to offer a healthy sports beverage without sacrificing taste, and to provide a sports drink that athletes can enjoy without unhealthy amounts of sugar.

David D’Errico enjoyed a long career as a North American soccer star. He played for the Seattle Sounders and Rochester Lancers of the NASL, along with the Cincinnati Kids and New York Arrows of the MISL. With the Arrows, D’Errico won four MISL championships, and he was the first player to have his number retired by the team. He also played for several U.S. national teams during his career.

As an established star athlete dedicated to staying fit, D’Errico understands the importance of replenishing lost fluids and staying hydrated during and after demanding physical exertion. At Hydro One, we’ve developed sports drinks that restore electrolytes and carbohydrates that the body loses during a workout. Our BÖDE Sport drinks also contain CoQ10 and D-Ribose nutrients, which support muscle recovery and help with optimal performance.

But Hydro One beverages aren’t just for athletes. Our drinks support heart health and joint health, managing diabetes and obesity, and promoting a general healthy lifestyle at any age. Our selection includes sugar-free drinks for diabetics, heart healthy green teas, and low to zero calorie fruit drinks.

We’re excited to share the news: David D’Errico becomes Hydro One Ambassador. We’re looking forward to sharing more about the benefits of Hydro One sports and fitness drinks, and how they can help you in your own fitness goals. Click here to see our selection of healthy beverages and try Hydro One today.