Hydro One is Available in HyVee Stores

Hydro One is Available in HyVee Stores

Here at Hydro One Beverages, we’re as pleased as can be to announce the news: Hydro One is available in HyVee Stores! Now, not only are our healthy and great tasting drinks available online, you can easily find them at select HyVee stores nationwide. We’re proud and humbled that demand from people like you has enabled us to expand in one of the nation’s longest running grocery chains.

HyVee is a national chain of nearly 250 supermarkets, with locations throughout the Midwest, including in Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin. The company has been in existence since its founding as the Beaconsfield Supply Store in Beaconsfield, Iowa. The company’s longtime slogan, “Where there’s a helpful smile in every aisle”, has been featured in their commercials since 1963.

Hydro One Beverages are designed to taste great while still offering health benefits, and with little to no sugar. They have been specially formulated to promote heart health and fit in with the dietary needs of individuals of all ages, including sugar free drinks and green teas for those managing diabetes and obesity. Our sports drinks help to replenish lost nutrients following workouts, without the massive amounts of sugar found in popular brands.

Our company got its start in 2006, with the goal to be a leader in providing beverages that meet nutritional needs while still offering great taste. Our scientific approach and years of research and development, with the help of accomplished athletes, has resulted in superb tasting and healthy offerings for everyone.

We couldn’t be more pleased about our new partnership and to announce that Hydro One is available in HyVee stores, and we look forward to a long partnership with the popular and long-running supermarket chain. If you haven’t yet tried our healthy beverages, visit your local HyVee today and give us a try!