Hydro One is Available in Ingles Markets

Hydro One Beverages is excited to announce our latest news: Hydro One is available in Ingles Markets! You can now not only order our great tasting and healthy drinks here on our website, you can also enjoy the convenience of finding our beverages at select Ingles Markets locations nationwide. We’re pleased as can be that your support has enabled us to expand to one of the most popular supermarkets in the region!

Ingles Markets began with a single store in 1963 owned by grocer Robert P. Ingle, in Asheville, North Carolina. Its success over the years led to their purchasing a milk processing plant from Sealtest, and becoming a publicly traded company in 1987. Today the company is still family-controlled, and operates 212 stores as of this writing. Ingles’ Markets is dedicated to one-stop convenience for its valued customers, including pharmacies, gas stations and a wide variety of food and drink products at low prices.

Hydro One began in 2006 with an idea…that it’s possible for drinks to meet nutritional needs without sacrificing great taste. We have developed an approach to creating drinks from years of research with the assistance of athletes to create healthy drinks for people of all ages.

At Hydro One, our beverages are scientifically formulated to both taste great and offer numerous health benefits, with little to no sugar added. We offer a variety of drinks that both promote heart health and fit in with dietary restrictions, including sugar free sports drinks and green teas that are ideal for diabetics. Our sports drinks are excellent for restoring nutrients without the massive sugar found in other brands.

We’re pleased and proud to announce that Hydro One is available in Ingles Markets, and we’re looking forward to a lasting partnership with a well-established supermarket chain. If you haven’t yet tried Hydro One’s drinks, find them today at select Ingles Markets and give them a try!