Hydro One Is Being Reviewed by The Beauty Boost

The Beauty Boost

At Hydro One, we wanted to share some exciting news: Hydro One is being reviewed by The Beauty Boost, a very popular blog dedicated to improving life, health, and relationships. (Click here to visit The Beauty Boost website.) We love the idea of being featured in an established publication dedicated to improving lifestyle and health, and we’re looking forward to meeting the high standards of The Beauty Boost and its reviewers.

The Beauty Boost was created by Rachel Kerr to help women feel “empowered, healthy, and beautiful”. They provide fitness events, retreats, life coaching and workout partners, with the goal of inspiring and motivating women in making positive changes in their lives. Their featured products include energy boosting powders, pre-prepared healthy meals, and holistic health juices, along with nail salons and even facial bars.

The Beauty Boost offers a new alternative to women seeking better and healthier lives, offering memberships, retreats, workshops, coaching and more to women in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh. Their private Facebook community continues to expand and offer quality life coaching to women everywhere.

Hydro One beverages were formed in 2006 to meet the need for healthy drinks without adding huge amounts of sugar, while still offering great taste. We’ve developed our products through years of scientific research, including the assistance of athletes, to provide healthy drinks for people of all ages.

Our beverages are made with little to no sugar added, and are designed to promote heart health and meet dietary restrictions for diabetics. Our sports drinks restore bodily nutrients without the massive levels of sugar found in other brands.

We couldn’t be happier that Hydro One is being reviewed by The Beauty Boost, and we’re looking forward to seeing the review from one of the more popular and effective women’s health blogs on the Internet today. And as always, Hydro One thanks you for your support!