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Hydro One Beverages are vitamin enriched beverages containing little-to-no sugar that actually taste good and provide the nutrition and support for the essential dietary needs of individuals both young and old. Our drinks are geared to meet unique needs like: supporting a healthy heart, healthy joints, and even helping to support the management of diabetes and obesity.

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Hydro One’s vision is to create all-natural, low-calorie beverages that provide nutrients to support joints, heart, memory and women’s health. The company was founded in 2006 with the mission of becoming the world leader in scientific advancements that deliver nutritional supplements through water-based solutions. 

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"I recently quit a twenty year habit of smoking. My desire to eat and snack on junk food increased dramatically. I discovered Hydro One Beverages and instead of reaching for my usual soda, I chose Hydro One BÖDE Sport. Not only did it satisfy my urge to snack, but it increased my energy level. I feel amazing! It would have been easy for me to replace smoking with something unhealthy and packed on pounds. I'm so glad I found Hydro One."
- Vince White
"My wife and I own a small family construction business and have been in business for 33 years. We have been drinking the hydro drink/bode sports drinks for around 6 years. We provide the Bode sports drinks to our guys and our # 1 goal is to take care of our employees. We work in the high temperatures and high humidity in the summer time. I personally drink 12 to 16 drinks a day in extreme hot temperatures. Our guys love the Bode sport drink. We have to stay hydrating. We are so thankful for Hydro One drinks. "
- Len and Melony Young
Since drinking your REV d drinks I have kept my blood sugars under control and have continued to lose weight. That sure makes me happy especially when people see a difference in the way I look. I also drink the True Green Tea and Bode Sport drinks.
I am telling everyone about your products and hope that you will see a boost in sales just from me telling others. I first bought from my local Ingles but I am now ordering from you directly. Today I am ordering for my third time. I like to share my drinks with others so they will try your products. Thank you for coming up with a drink that works for me.
- Carrie Barbare
Thank you so much for this product. I shall always have it on my shelf and greatly appreciate knowing I can buy it here and also order from you.
- Jeanne
Hydro One Beverages helped me lose weight and led the way to many other healthy changes in my life.
- Tonya
During the hot months of the summer we will go through 20 cases in a month. Our guys in the field love them!
- Len Young Concrete Business
After heavy exercise, I use the Bode Sport drinks for the best rehydration. In the past year, I have lost forty-five pounds.
- Tonia
As a diabetic, I can enjoy Hydro One without having problems with blood glucose spikes. I can use it as a healthy alternative in managing my diabetes.
- Dr. Joe W
I drink a Black Cherry Grape before I exercise, and it really gives me a lift and makes it easier to do my forty-five minute routine.
- Alma McCullough
Highly refreshing after exercise. The product helps to restore my electrolyte balance and it taste great! It really hits the spot after exercise.
- Ray Michie
For me drinking HydroONE instead of my usual caffeinated drinks I've lost 17 pounds (Yay) but what is more amazing and important is that after 20 years on blood pressure medication HydroONE has lowered my blood pressure and kept it lower so that I no longer need my medication.
- Ruth Drake
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