Andy Salandy, Owner of FC Cardinals Soccer Club

Hi Sammy,

I want to thank you for your sponsorship with HydroOne and our FC Cardinals UPSL team. I was waiting on the season to end to get the proper feedback from my players on the effectiveness of the product. My players have unanimously agreed that BODE  Sport has helped them to perform on the field without getting cramps which was something that affected them before getting on HydroOne during the season. In addition, players we able to recover much quicker after playing a game. A few players also reported not being as thirsty after drinking BODE Sport before and during the game.
My entire family, wife, kids and my mother-in-law have also been drinking all three of your amazing drinks, BODE Sport, REVd and True Green Tea. We are definitely hooked with everyone using all three based on needs. My son is still actively playing soccer and loves both the BODE Sport and REVd. He trains extremely hard and said he can definitely tell the difference in his endurance and ability to recover. My mother-in-law is using the REVd to help control her high blood pressure. My wife and daughter are using REVd and Green tea to control their weight and the case of my wife to lower her cholesterol. My daughter has reported she already down a pants size.
Sammy I’ve been a College Biology Professor for over 20 years and have seen a lot of different products in the marketplace. None of them come close to delivering the way your HydroOne products are doing for my team and family. I’m extremely grateful and very thankful that I was introduced to you and your amazing products. Your dedication to helping people restore optimum health is second to none and I am truly honored to be a member club with a HydroOne sponsorship. I cannot thank you enough for creating these life changing products.
Andy Salandy,
Owner of FC Cardinals Soccer Club