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3 Easy Steps to Make Lifestyle Changes in 2023

lifestyle changes

As 2022 comes to a close, many people begin to consider making major lifestyle changes for the new year. It is completely possible for you to make changes in your life, especially if you do it step by step. Read on for more information on the top three ways you can make significant lifestyle changes in 2023.

Step One: Decide to Make Changes

This first step may seem very basic, but it is also very important. Many people talk about changing their lifestyles but never sit down and seriously consider the change that they need to make and formulate a plan. This step is imperative because you need to know what needs to happen to change your life, and it may even include some tough decisions. For instance, if you have people in your life that have become toxic, you may have to let those relationships go. This can be hard to do, especially if they are family members, but it can be done while protecting your own mental health and not hurting the person’s feelings. You may have dreams to move to another state or country. If that is the case, there are many steps you need to take ahead of time to ensure that you can make the move very smoothly.

Step Two: Make Fear Your Friend

Many people fear change because it can make them uncomfortable as they navigate their way to making those changes. By making fear of change your friend, it will make it much easier to leave your comfort zone and to be able to reach your goals when it comes to the lifestyle changes you want to make.

If you want to lose weight, you should sign up for a gym membership or start taking an exercise class. You will also need to take a critical look at your diet and evaluate the foods you have been eating and the drinks you have been consuming. You will want to check out healthier options so that you can change your eating habits to help you achieve your goals of losing weight and becoming healthier. Another example is if you have always wanted to write a book but do not know where to start, you could take writing classes to prepare you for your new career. If you are used to drinking several sugary drinks each day and want to cut down on the amount of sugar you consume, switch to a healthy option, such as a beverages offered by Hydro One.

Step Three: Set Your Goals

After you have decided on the things you want to change in your life, you need to make a goals list and a plan of action to go with each goal. As the saying goes, a goal is just a dream without a plan of action. For example, if you want to open your own business, you need to find out the rules, regulations, and zoning laws for the area in which you want to open your business. You will need to know where you will order inventory from and how much you will set your prices. If you want to change careers, you need to start applying for new jobs or even at colleges if you require more education for the new career you want to enter.

Premium Healthy Beverages

To help you in achieving your goals for a healthier lifestyle that is fun and exciting, check out the many varieties of sugar-free beverages that are offered by Hydro One.

Important Nutrients to Include in a Heart-Healthy Diet

heart-healthy care

Many people are opting for a heart-healthy eating plan and to achieve that goal, it all boils down to making better and healthier choices than they have in the past.

To begin eating a heart-healthy diet, you will need to choose certain foods, including fruits and vegetables, while cutting back on others, including things like saturated fats and definitely sugar. You should always check with your doctor before starting any diet plan or weight loss journey to ensure it will work best for you, but the heart-healthy diet is approved by most doctors since it’s healthy for most people.

Foods You Can Eat for a Heart-Healthy Plan

The first thing to talk about to achieve a heart-healthy eating plan is the foods that you can eat on a regular basis. These foods have been proven to not only lower high blood pressure but to also get rid of the bad LDL cholesterol that is in a lot of people’s bloodstreams.

On a heart-healthy eating plan, you can have plenty of leafy green vegetables, such as collard greens, kale, spinach, cabbage, and even broccoli and carrots. When it comes to fruits, you can eat bananas, apples, pears, grapes, prunes, and oranges for the win. You should also make sure you have plenty of whole grains in your diet such as brown rice, plain oatmeal, and whole-grain tortillas or bread. If you want to eat dairy foods you should opt for fat-free or low-fat versions when it comes to cheese, yogurt, and milk.

A heart-healthy diet plan also lets you have plenty of different meats, but they should be lean, such as 95 percent lean ground beef. You can also choose a delicious pork tenderloin, Turkey, or skinless chicken breasts. You can have as many eggs, seeds, nuts, and soy products like tofu as you want on a heart-healthy diet. Fish, such as tuna, trout, and salmon, are all high in omega-3 fatty acids which is very good for your body including your brain. As sides to go with your meat, you can choose from a variety of legumes, such as lentils, kidney beans, black-eyed peas, lima beans, and chickpeas. Instead of regular butter or margarine, you may want to opt for some nut or seed butter and when cooking, it is better to use olive, avocado, or even sesame oils.

Food to Limit or Eliminate

This is there are many foods you can eat on a heart-healthy eating plan, there are also several foods you should avoid. You should limit the amount of sodium, otherwise known as salt, in your diet as well as saturated fat, added sugars, and alcohol. You can flavor your food with herbs and spices in place of salt and limit your use of pre-made and prepackaged foods which are normally very high in sodium. You can also choose fresh or frozen foods that have not been processed since they will contain way less sodium.

Add Heart Healthy Nutrients to Your Diet with This Sports Drink

The main function of sports drinks is to replenish electrolytes and replace fluid loss from heat and exertion. Most people don’t think of sports drinks as having other health benefits. BÖDE [body] Sport, an electrolyte sports drink made by Hydro One Premium Beverages, has a special formula that contains three of the top recommended nutrients for heart health: CoQ10, D-Ribose, and Magnesium.

CoQ10 is an antioxidant that decreases as you age. Your cells use CoQ10 for repair and maintenance. D-Ribose is a sugar molecule that is vital to your health. Studies show faster muscle recovery from fatigue when these two are combined. Also, magnesium is central to keeping a healthy heart beat because it is involved in transporting other electrolytes like potassium and calcium into cells. BÖDE Sport’s formula has a higher proportion of potassium to sodium that most sports drinks which helps prevent cramping without high levels of sodium.

Most people struggle to get the necessary nutrients from our Standard American Diet. Athletes and people who work outside in the heat lose nutrients in sweat. While many people believe that drinking lots of water is the best way to rehydrate, they can actually flush too many electrolytes and nutrients in the process. Hydro One Premium Beverage’s BÖDE Sport replenishes electrolytes, carbohydrates and other nutrients like B Vitamins, Calcium, Chromium, Folic Acid and Vitamin E.

BÖDE is a great sports drink but really is so much more. Contact us!

Hydro One Supports The Top Dogg K9 Foundation

Hydro One Supports The Top Dogg K9 Foundation

Hydro One supports The Top Dogg K9 Foundation. Part of what we do is advocate and give towards associations that have a positive impact in the community. Supporting foundations devoted to causes that affect many and need more resources is crucial to helping people. As a company whose mission it is to help people, anyone that shares the venture to the level Top Dogg does is a friend of ours. The Top Dogg K9 Foundation is an organization dedicated to meeting the needs of disabled veteran families and reducing the number of families impacted by suicide from mental illness. The Foundation rescues, trains, and pairs suitable K9s with disabled veterans, enabling them to lead the happier and healthier life they so richly deserve. Hydro One donates 15% of sales of purchases from members of Top Dogg K9 back into the foundation.

Founded by Army veterans Blake and Sheila Rashad in 2011, Blake battling with anxiety and depression, found that a trained dog by his side always improved his mood and emotional well-being. Using the best-trained companions, they pair them with dogs that are specifically trained to meet their needs. We are proud to have such a prestigious organization appreciate our vitamin-enriched beverages. They recognize the value behind our mission to provide drinks that contain little-to-no sugar that taste good and provide nutrition.

Our beverages support health needs for people of all ages, while still offering great taste. We proudly announce Hydro One supports The Top Dogg K9 Foundation, an organization devoted to our veterans.

Low Sugar Performance Beverages

Low Sugar Performance Beverages

Keeping in mind the awareness of our needs for low sugar performance beverages, we created an alternative drinks. Our REVd Blueberry & Pomegranate and Pineapple & Mango are more than just low in sugar- they’re our all-natural sugar-free option. The presence of  sugar in our foods and beverages has become a big topic in how we go about better nutritional efforts. These options are good for everyone, but the added measures of keeping natural makes them especially formulated for diabetics and people who interested in lowering their consumption of sugar.  While companies continue to make better healthier efforts, the market is still dominated by sugary beverages. We encourage you use REVd- it delivers a flavorful, thirst-quenching drink that supports diabetic health.

The key to the the all-natural REVd drink is its proprietary ingredient – functional cinnamon extract or Cinnulin PF. Experts have seen that cinnamon extract has been shown to help with the dietary management of diabetes, linking it with lower blood sugar levels. As a diabetic (particularly if you are a Type 2 diabetic), regulating blood sugar is the main consideration for your diet. By making REVd a part of your daily intake, you can be proactive in your blood sugar health with our low sugar performance beverages.

In 2012, 29.1 million adults and children, roughly 9.3 % of the United States population have diabetes according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Of those 29 million, 8.1 million are undiagnosed- meaning they aren’t even aware they have the disease.  Another 86 million people are pre-diabetic.  Only 5% of diabetics have Type 1, meaning that 95% of the cases are Type 2, and preventable.

FREE Shipping On All 24 Pack Cases

FREE Shipping On All 24 Pack Cases

Take advantage of our savings by ordering your Hydro One products by the case…we offer FREE shipping on all 24 pack cases! For a limited time, we’re making it possible to order a case of our great tasting and healthy beverages, and save yourself the trip to the store and the trouble of carrying the case back home. Instead, have our drinks delivered to your home, with no extra charge for shipping!

Hydro One’s beverages and sports drinks are vitamin enriched and full of restorative nutrients. They provide all of the benefits to meet your dietary needs, including a healthy heart, healthy joints, and managing diabetes and obesity. It’s been our mission since our beginning in 2006 to provide scientifically advanced, water-based solutions for delivering nutritional supplements, without the massive extra sugar and calories found in most sports drinks.

We offer a variety of beverages that are great for the health of athletes, diabetics and individuals of any age. Try our BODE sports drinks in fantastic flavors like blueberry pomegranate or black cherry grape, or our sugar free pineapple mango REV-D and TRUE green tea. Or try our Saka alkaline spring water, from our pure protected spring.

Click here to find a store near you selling our beverages…or better yet, order online and save yourself a trip with our FREE shipping on all 24 pack cases! Keep a healthy supply of our great tasting beverages on hand without the extra cost of shipping and the extra time spent on the trip to the store.

If you’re watching your sugar, looking to replenish nutrients after your workouts, or simply looking for a great tasting and healthy drink, give Hydro One a try today and take advantage of our free shipping on 24 pack cases. We know that you’ll love both the taste and health benefits of our quality beverages.

Four Cases for the Price of Three

Four Cases for the Price of Three

Hydro One is currently offering our customers a great deal for a limited time: four cases for the price of three! If you’ve never tried our great tasting and healthy beverages, now is the time to take advantage of a great opportunity. If you have tried our beverages and already know about the health benefits and great taste, it’s a great time to stock up and keep plenty of Hydro One on hand. Order today and use the code 1FREE at checkout.

If you are an athlete, living with diabetes, or simply want to improve your health, you know that you have limited choices when it comes to drinks. Many of the sports drinks on the market today contain massive amounts of sugar. With so many adults and children today struggling with some form of diabetes, the health risks aren’t worth the benefits.

At Hydro One, our mission since 2006 has been to be the world leader in water-based nutritional supplements. We’ve taken the time to scientifically develop sports drinks that are healthy, taste great, and use little to no sugar. We’ve designed our beverages in multiple flavors, including blueberry pomegranate, pineapple mango, and more, including our sugar free green tea. Our drinks are designed to support heart health, diabetic needs, healthy joints and much more.

Whether you are an athlete looking for a better nutritional supplement to restore lost nutrients, or you are looking to better manage your heart and joint health, give Hydro One beverages a try…and use the code 1FREE at checkout to get four cases for the price of three! You’ll love both the taste of our great tasting drinks and the health benefits.

Click here to purchase our great tasting beverages online and give them a try today…and get four cases for the prices of three for a limited time!

Hydro One Is An Official Saka Water Distributor

While our focus is on great tasting and healthy sports drinks, we don’t overlook the importance of a steady intake of quality drinking water to human health. That’s why Hydro One is an official Saka Water distributor! You can find Saka’s 100% natural alkaline water in multiple packages here on the Hydro One website, including in 1.5 liter bottles, 16.9 oz. sports cap bottles, and regular 16.9 oz. bottles.

Clean and fresh drinking water is very important to leading a healthy life. Drinking water and staying hydrated brings numerous health benefits…including lubricating joints, spreading oxygen through the body, boosting skin health and beauty, regulating body temperature and much more. Believe it or not, the human body is 60% water, and it’s essential to maintain a healthy intake of water each day.

Saka Alkaline Spring Water is 100% natural and sourced from a pure, remote and protected spring. It is a special source of true refreshment that awakens your senses and your inner being. Saka features a high pH level of 8.22, which is naturally enriched with many minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonates, with a low level of sodium. Its refreshing, unique taste, from a naturally balanced mineral content, is ideal for replenishing minerals in your body.

Saka’s high quality water has even earned a 3-star “exceptional” rating from the International Taste & Quality Institute in Brussels, the world’s leading organization for testing and promoting superior food and drink. This award is highly prestigious and given by opinion leaders and taste experts, meaning Saka drinking water isn’t just great for your health…it tastes great too!

We’re proud of our great tasting and healthy drinks, but we’re also proud to say that Hydro One is an official Saka Water distributor. Click here to purchase Saka products online from this website. At Hydro One, we’re dedicated to drinks that fully compliment your health and taste great too.

Hydro One Proudly Supports Top Dogg K9 Foundation

Hydro One Beverages is grateful to be able to give back to our community, through multiple organizations that we support. Currently, Hydro One proudly supports Top Dogg K9 Foundation, an organization dedicated to meeting the needs of disabled veteran families and reducing the number of families impacted by suicide from mental illness. When members of Top Dogg K9 purchase Hydro One beverages online using a special affiliate code, Hydro One donates 15% of sales back to the Foundation.

The Top Dogg K9 Foundation rescues, trains, and pairs suitable K9s with disabled veterans, enabling them to lead the happier and healthier life they so richly deserve. The organization was founded by Army veterans Blake and Sheila Rashad in 2011, with Blake having served as a K-9 Dog Trainer.

As a youth, Blake had suffered from anxiety and depression, and having a trained dog by his side always improved his mood and emotional well-being. Blake’s nickname, “Top Dogg”, came from his being one of the nation’s leading dog training experts.

Today Top Dogg K9 Foundation helps each and every veteran suffering from PTSD and after effects of war that comes to them, pairing them with dogs that are specifically trained to meet their needs. As these multiple testimonials and hundreds of other veterans can suggest, Top Dogg K9 Foundation has made a huge difference in improving their lives.

Hydro One proudly supports Top Dogg K9 Foundation through online sales of our great tasting and healthy beverages. Hydro One was founded in 2006 to meet the need for great tasting and healthy beverages without the high sugar content of existing sports drinks. Our beverages support health needs for people of all ages, while still offering great taste.

Click here to visit the Top Dogg K9 Foundation’s website and to make a donation to support their very worthy cause. Hydro One supports their amazing efforts to thank this nation’s veterans.

Hydro One Is Being Reviewed by The Beauty Boost

The Beauty Boost

At Hydro One, we wanted to share some exciting news: Hydro One is being reviewed by The Beauty Boost, a very popular blog dedicated to improving life, health, and relationships. (Click here to visit The Beauty Boost website.) We love the idea of being featured in an established publication dedicated to improving lifestyle and health, and we’re looking forward to meeting the high standards of The Beauty Boost and its reviewers.

The Beauty Boost was created by Rachel Kerr to help women feel “empowered, healthy, and beautiful”. They provide fitness events, retreats, life coaching and workout partners, with the goal of inspiring and motivating women in making positive changes in their lives. Their featured products include energy boosting powders, pre-prepared healthy meals, and holistic health juices, along with nail salons and even facial bars.

The Beauty Boost offers a new alternative to women seeking better and healthier lives, offering memberships, retreats, workshops, coaching and more to women in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh. Their private Facebook community continues to expand and offer quality life coaching to women everywhere.

Hydro One beverages were formed in 2006 to meet the need for healthy drinks without adding huge amounts of sugar, while still offering great taste. We’ve developed our products through years of scientific research, including the assistance of athletes, to provide healthy drinks for people of all ages.

Our beverages are made with little to no sugar added, and are designed to promote heart health and meet dietary restrictions for diabetics. Our sports drinks restore bodily nutrients without the massive levels of sugar found in other brands.

We couldn’t be happier that Hydro One is being reviewed by The Beauty Boost, and we’re looking forward to seeing the review from one of the more popular and effective women’s health blogs on the Internet today. And as always, Hydro One thanks you for your support!

Hydro One is Available at the Famous Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia

Hydro One is Available at the Famous Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia

At Hydro One, we’re happy to announce the exciting news: Hydro One is available at the famous Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia! Now when you are planning a stay or an outing at one of the most historic resorts in the country, you’ll be able to enjoy our great tasting and healthy beverages with your luxury accommodations. We’re grateful that your support has enabled us to feature our premium beverages in one of America’s finest resorts!

The Greenbrier Resort is located in the stunningly beautiful mountains of West Virginia. It is a National Historic Landmark that has been a destination for guests from the entire world since as far back as 1778. The Greenbrier has a history of hosting royalty, celebrities, business leaders, and 27 U.S. Presidents. It’s an 11,000 acre resort that is home to natural mineral springs, amazing adventures, and relaxing pastimes. It’s an ideal destination to see the breathtaking fall colors or the budding flowers of spring.

When you visit the Greenbrier, you can enjoy all that its picturesque location has to offer, including its world class dining. You can now choose from our premium healthy drinks during your visit too!

Hydro One was formed in 2006 with the idea that drinks can meet health needs without sacrificing great taste. Through years of scientific research with the assistance of athletes, we’ve developed several varieties of healthy drinks for people of all ages. Hydro One drinks have little to no sugar added, promote heart health and fit with the dietary restrictions of diabetics. We offer sports drinks that restore the body’s nutrients without the massive amounts of sugar added in other brands.

We’re thrilled to announce that Hydro One is available at the famous Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia, and we look forward to a long partnership with one of the most historic resorts in the country. Thank you for your support!