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Hydro One is Helping Texas Disaster Relief

Hydro One is Helping Texas Disaster Relief

As millions of Texans are still without water, heat, and power, residents continue to struggle in the aftermath of winter storms.

For the last couple of days, we here at Hydro One Premium beverages have been working hard on doing our part in the Texas Disaster Relief project to get the people of Texas the help they need ASAP!

Millions of Texans still face water disruptions more than a week after the Uri Winter Storm struck and devastated the state of Texas’s water services and caused unprecedented power failures rampant across the state as power grids went offline.

These disastrous events have left too many families without access to fresh water and other life-essential resources. Families and even hospitals are forced to resort back to boiling their water to consumable states, as state protocol, to survive.

You Can Help!

Our goal here at the Hydro One Family is to send three truckloads of beverages and water to families in need where the water source is contaminated.

We need help from people and businesses in our community and worldwide to help us achieve this easily attainable goal!

To help with the disaster relief in Texas, we offer our premium products at a reduced rate of $15.00 per case purchased towards donation and relief for the folks of Texas. 

For every case purchased toward donation, our Hydro One family will match it and ship it to Texas!

You can help us by purchasing our products for the texas disaster relief project and by spreading the word of our mission to your friends and associates!

We hope to match at least two truckloads to send to the people of Texas, who desperately need our help.

This event is in its infancy and is only four days old, and so far, we have over 100 cases donated!
We need to see these numbers snowball-One truckload is 24 pallets, with each pallet holding 108 cases.
So we have work to do as a community in support of our friends in Texas!

This donation event will run through to March 15, 2021.

But the faster we can act, all the more helpful!
You see, many people are without electricity and can not boil the contaminated water, i.e., people are stuck without drinking water!

If you would like to donate, please feel free to respond to this email with your donation order!

You can make out your payment via a check to Hydro One LLC, CashApp  $HydroOne. Simply send a check to our headquarter at-Hydro One LLC,206 Main Street, Greenwood SC 29646

alternatively, please feel free to call our office @ (+1 864-227-0663) if you want to purchase with your credit card! 

We will keep you informed with regularly sent updates about the amounts collected and our shipments made to the Texas Disaster Relief Project, full transparency.

The 501C information is also available if you need it and, if you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email at, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Thank you in advance for your generosity to those in need!

Sammy Nasrollahi and the Hydro One Family

Sammy Nasrollahi

David D’Errico Becomes Hydro One Ambassador

David D’Errico

Hydro One Beverages is proud to announce the news: former soccer star David D’Errico becomes Hydro One Ambassador! D’Errico’s joining our team is a strong endorsement for both the health benefits and great taste of our sports and fitness drinks. Hydro One’s goal is to offer a healthy sports beverage without sacrificing taste, and to provide a sports drink that athletes can enjoy without unhealthy amounts of sugar.

David D’Errico enjoyed a long career as a North American soccer star. He played for the Seattle Sounders and Rochester Lancers of the NASL, along with the Cincinnati Kids and New York Arrows of the MISL. With the Arrows, D’Errico won four MISL championships, and he was the first player to have his number retired by the team. He also played for several U.S. national teams during his career.

As an established star athlete dedicated to staying fit, D’Errico understands the importance of replenishing lost fluids and staying hydrated during and after demanding physical exertion. At Hydro One, we’ve developed sports drinks that restore electrolytes and carbohydrates that the body loses during a workout. Our BÖDE Sport drinks also contain CoQ10 and D-Ribose nutrients, which support muscle recovery and help with optimal performance.

But Hydro One beverages aren’t just for athletes. Our drinks support heart health and joint health, managing diabetes and obesity, and promoting a general healthy lifestyle at any age. Our selection includes sugar-free drinks for diabetics, heart healthy green teas, and low to zero calorie fruit drinks.

We’re excited to share the news: David D’Errico becomes Hydro One Ambassador. We’re looking forward to sharing more about the benefits of Hydro One sports and fitness drinks, and how they can help you in your own fitness goals. Click here to see our selection of healthy beverages and try Hydro One today.

Hydro One Announces Partnership with Shaquell Shaq’ Moore

Hydro One Premium Beverages, the maker of natural functional beverages, is proud to announce that United States Men’s Soccer Team player Shaquell Moore has joined their growing team.

“It goes without saying  that we are very excited to have such a young, talented, and accomplished player, Shaq Moore, join our Hydro One Beverages Team.  Shaq is one of the youngest USMNT player and is one of the future stars in the world of soccer,” said Sammy Nasrollahi CEO and CO-Founder. “What excites us even more is that Shaq has the same determination when it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle for  himself, his family, and his rapidly growing fan base.”  We are looking forward to both a personal and business relationship for many years to come,” Nasrollahi stated.

“My name is Shaq Moore, and I am a member of the United States Men’s National Soccer Team and a proud partner of Hydro One Premium Beverages. I love all the products, especially how they are natural, and my favorite is BÖDE SPORT. What I love about it, it is less sugar and more potassium along with other ingredients that helps me with cramps. To go along, I have close family members who suffer from diabetes and the product not only helps me but my loved ones too, ” Shaq explained.

About Hydro One Premium Beverages

Award winning Hydro One Premium Beverages have a US Patent and FDA Claim.  They provide significant nutritional benefits for everyone, including individuals fighting high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.  They are committed to providing healthier beverage alternatives for our society while developing into a world leader in the promotion and education of proper nutritional values. 

Hydro One Beverage Launches New Website

Hydro One Beverage announced the launch of a new Website today. The website marks an exciting chapter in the company’s history. The site is responsive for mobile devices and includes a full catalog of beverages for sale in-store and online. Site users can even use a search feature to find a retail store close to home where Hydro One Beverages are sold. The website also contains multiple feeds for the Hydro One Beverage Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Hydro One Beverages are geared to meet unique needs like: supporting a healthy heart, healthy joints, and even helping to support the management of diabetes and obesity. Hydro One’s vision is to create all-natural, low-calorie beverages that provide nutrients to support joints, heart, memory and women’s health. The company was founded in 2006 with the mission of becoming the world leader in scientific advancements that deliver nutritional supplements through water-based solutions.