Our Company

Hydro One LLC was founded in 2006. Our mission is to become the world leader in scientific advancements that deliver nutritional supplements through water-based beverages. We spent several years of research and development before we introduced our functional beverages that meet the needs of individuals who are seeking to live healthier lives.

At Hydro One, we have realized that, while the cost of most diseases as well as a healthier lifestyle in the current environment is certainly significant, solutions to the problem need not be expensive. The least costly solution of all is prevention by changing to a diet of healthy foods and beverages to reverse the effects of poor dietary and lifestyle choices that can have such a damaging effect on overall health.

At Hydro One, we truly understand that there is a critical need to link solid science to action. Therefore, we have coupled the increasing consumer demand for healthful beverages with scientific discoveries of specific ingredients that can produce specific results which led to the development of functional beverages. These products move beyond conventional, fortified, or enriched items, or products marketed as healthy because they are low in sugar. Our products address specific major health issues such as diabetes, arthritis, aging, kidney disease and heart health through scientifically proven ingredients rather than chemically-derived pills. Of the consumers who purchase functional beverages, nearly a third do so to address a specific health issue (Mintel, 2006).

“Highly refreshing after exercise. The product helps to restore my electrolyte balance and it taste great! It really hits the spot after exercise. I like replacing my potassium without adding excessive sodium and I certainly like the really low sugar content per drink. Beats the competition hands down.

Great product!”

Ray and Charlotte Michie