Jim McCrossin
Philadelphia Flyers Director of Medical Services

Shaq Moore
American Professional Soccer Player


As someone that is conscious of health, including my carb intake, I love the Blueberry Pomegranate!  It is sodium-free and caffeine-free, which means I can drink it anytime of the day.  It also contains Cinnulin PF, an extract that has been shown to regulate glucose levels.

I like the idea of investing in a drink that protects my joints, my kidneys, and my heart vs. remembering to take a synthetic supplement each day. Now, if only we can make is accessible everywhere.:)

Gina L. Woodham
CEO/Executive Producer 
Ginainc Productions


I really like the Blackcherry-Grape and the Lemon-Lime.  What is more important is that my grandson liked it.  I was nursing him when he got the flu.  The most important aspect of recovery is staying hydrated and getting enough electrolytes.  So many drinks are full of sugar, caffeine, and sodium – all which work against hydration.

HydroOne is the perfect solution when children are sick – and it must taste good!! (Thank goodness it does!)

Betty Woodham
Former Science Teacher
Masters in Nutrition, Clemson University


I work out for a couple of hours, several times per week.  As I wrap up my work-out, I like to go into the sauna before I shower. I really enjoy the Black Cherry-Grape and Lemon-Lime that give me the electrolytes, Co-Enzyme 10, and water intake I need without the heavy, sugary aftertaste of Gatorade, that incidentally, leaves me thirstier than before.

Before, I was going through the trouble of using certain muscle powders for muscle recovery – not anymore.  Also, I like my drinks at room temperature – and HydroOne tastes great!!

Richard Stubbs
National Distribution MGR
Storage Solutions
Stanley Black & Decker


Everyday in our practice we see all types of people, but particularly many young athletes who have developed severe tooth decay due to the use of sugary sport drinks.

Sugar on teeth combines with bacteria in the mouth to produce uncontrollable decay. People often regard sport drinks to be healthy supplements to their sport.

We recommend and use Hydro one beverages , and we actually sell them in our office. We have found Hydro One beverages to be a healthy  and effective alternative as a sport drink. Sugar content is very low and the clinical effects are great.

Hydro One drinks combine great taste with healthy benefits. I have completed a full iron man race and can attest to the effectiveness  and healthy attributes that Hydro one offers.

Dr. Tommy Stoddard


I wanted to take a few moments to let you know how much I appreciate your products and your desire to help people discover health.

I have been practicing Orthodontics for over 20 years. I have seen my fair share of rotten teeth and enamel scarring due to poor hygiene and sodas. Almost all sodas contain phosphoric acid. This acid microscopically etches the enamel surface and removes any natural barrier to bacteria. Once the tooth is acid etched the high fructose corn syrup, along with plaque creates cavities and scarring. I cant tell you how frustrating it is to work for two years creating a beautiful smile to have it ruined by scarring and cavities when the braces are removed. I am seeing more cavities today in children than I have ever seen in my practice. I blame sodas and sugary drinks.

I have spent countless hours preaching the problems of sodas and dental health. For years, I have pushed for patients to drink water, because most bottled drinks contain a ton of sugar. Thank you for making  drink that fills this void.

My family enjoys many of your products. From the RevD to Green tea to the sports drinks. I am also an avid mountain bike rider. I find the Bode sports drink much easier on my stomach than other popular sports drinks, like Gatorade.

Thank you for providing an alternative to sugar drinks that I can offer to my patients.

All the Best,
Dr. Ernest McCallum
McCallum Orthodontics
Greenwood, SC