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Hydro One Beverages is a proud partner of United Premier Soccer League. 

Hydro One Premium Beverages are available to UPSL members at a special rate. For UPSL members or clubs, orders of 20 cases+ available for $20.00 per case of twelve, and shipping will be free of charge.

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Why choose Hydro One Premium Beverages?

Hydro One Beverages were developed when a group of research scientists and professional athletes were researching the impact of increasing sugar levels and artificial ingredients on athletes as well as their families. They formed Hydro One, LLC with the mission of becoming a world leader in scientific advancements that deliver nutritional supplements through water-based solutions. All Hydro One Beverages are functional, gluten free, low or no sugar, and made with natural ingredients.

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Special Pricing for All UPSL Teams!

  • Minimum orders of 20 cases+ will be available at $20.00 per case plus free shipping!

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BODE Sport

BODE (body) Sport is a carefully balanced formula that offers Co-Q10 and D-Ribose for better muscle recovery. The proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals in Hydro One’s Electrolyte Beverage can be your secret weapon against EAMC. How many times have you had to stop, drop, and roll from the fiery pain of a cramp? BODE Sport works in a way that promotes a deeper hydration of cells and helps protect the muscles from cramping. BODE Sport is gluten free, and has no artificial colors, flavors or sugars. Our Lemon Lime and Black Cherry & Grape have less sugar, sodium, carbs and calories than Gatorade and Powerade, but it has three times the potassium. You can drink more BODE Sport without overloading on salt and sugar. Fans love what their favorite players drink, and Hydro One BODE Sport was also developed with your family and your fans in mind. Even your youngest fan can drink BODE Sport without the negative effects of artificial coloring (which can be a source of ADD and ADHD), sugars, and calories found in sodas and in drinks meant for competitive athletes. Every winning team deserves winning fans!


REVd has the distinction of being the only US Patented beverage in the world that is formulated to help reduce and regulate blood sugar levels as well as helping lower blood pressure. Cinnulin PF is a highly functional extract of cinnamon that helps regulate blood sugar, as does magnesium and chromium picolinate. Each of the vitamins and minerals in the patented formula are ones that are often deficient in people with high blood sugar or diabetes. Frequent fluctuation in blood sugar can cause cell damage, and REVd helps regulate fluctuation. Hydration is very important for diabetics and for people with blood pressure issues. Although made with diabetics in mind, REVd is meant for people of all ages to enjoy and feel the difference of healthy hydration!

true sugar free green tea

TRUE SUGAR FREE GREEN TEA is also diabetic friendly and has the full benefits of high quality green tea. In addition, TRUE TEA has an FDA Claim for its use of plant sterols to help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Alpha-GPC is a form of natural choline compound that prevents cognitive decline, and increases attention and memory. It is used for improving thinking skills and learning. TRUE SUGAR FREE TEA is the only tea to include Alpha-GPC, and who wouldn’t like a little more brain power with zero calories!

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